R. Stacy Harrell is an interior designer, art curator and renovation expert best known for his innovative approach to home decor and eye catching color design.


Meet Stacy

Founder and Chief Interior Designer of R. Stacy Harrell

From an early age, R. Stacy Harrell knew his path would lead to interior design. His first introduction into the world of designing came at the helm of his beloved aunts Gothic Revival home nestled in a quaint community in Jackson, Mississippi. Unlike any other southern home during this era, the living room was a place of beauty with furnishing to be admired but not necessarily enjoyed. Stacy knew this space could be so much more. Merging his keen eye for colors, fabrics, and textures with his aunt's style, Stacy transformed her room from a place to be admired to a warm and inviting destination where family and friends could gather – and live.

R. Stacy Harell Designs was established in 1993 and has continued to serve clients across the globe for more than two decades. With a Bachelors of Art in Interior Design, R. Stacy Harrell continues to work with residential and corporate clients to craft interior designs that not only evoke his creative execution but encompasses the essence of style and simplicity. His unique approach to fusing his client's style with his artistic vision has made him a sought-after designer and earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

R. Stacy Harrell is an Atlanta based interior designer working with client's in New York, Las Vegas, and the Highlands of North Carolina. The focal point of his design work includes color, furniture, and art selection, as well as renovations and newly-built construction consultations.

An avid traveler, he currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his husband and two dogs.