As an interior designer, my role is to help create spaces that express my client’s personal styles and accent the beauty of their homes. It’s not about replacing every aspect of their current decor but more about finding ways to showcase those elements and accents with the right colors, fabrics, and textures that express their own uniqueness.
— R. Stacy Harrell

Meet R. Stacy Harrell

From an early age, R. Stacy Harrell knew his path would lead to interior design. His first introduction into the world of designing came at the helm of his beloved aunts Gothic Revival home nestled in a quaint community in Jackson, Mississippi. Unlike any other southern home during this era, the living room was a place of beauty with furnishing to be admired but not necessarily enjoyed. Stacy knew this space could be so much more. Merging his keen eye for colors, fabrics, and textures with his aunt's style, Stacy transformed her room from a place to be admired to a warm and inviting destination where family and friends could gather – and live. READ MORE